Thin comb

imagesPeigne fin parasidose

What is the use of it?

The PARASIDOSE thin Comb helps to remove the head lice and the dead nits after an anti-lice treatment was applied.

How does it work?

The stainless-steel teeth and its ergonomic handling make it easier to work on both long and short hair. The narrow teeth (0,1mm) catch the lice and the nits (previously removed thanks to the PARASIDOSE treating lotion and the PARASIDOSE hair conditioner.)

When and how to use it ?

After an anti-head lice treatment, dry the hair out and untangle it. Go into a well-lit room. Make some locks with the hair and comb each of them from the roots up to the points. Each time you comb it, examine the comb carefully and wipe it out with a piece of rag.

For who ?

For everybody. The round tips of the PARASIDOSE thin comb make it more comfortable agreeable.


  • • If the hair is tangled and if the comb passes trough it with difficulty, use the PARASIDOSE hair conditioner to untangle the hair.
  • • The PARASIDOSE thin comb can also be used to detect the presence of lice in the hair.

If you cannot find this product in a drugstore or at your pharmacist’ place, ask him to order it giving him the following reference :
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