Repulsive monodoses

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What’s the use of it ?

The repulsive monodoses efficiently protect against head lice attacks. Useful, easy to carry and to use, the repulsive monodoses permit to intervene quickly using one monodose as a preventive treatment.

How does it work ?

The effectiveness of the repulsive monodoses is due to a combination of essential oils and a repulsive active ingredient: the Repellent 3535©.

When and how to use them ?

Once the contamination is noticed, crack a dose and uniformly spread a sufficient quantity of the lotion over the hair without forgetting the neck and behind the ears. Do not rinse it. Scientifically tested, its long-term action is guaranteed to last 48h.

For who ?

The PARASIDOSE repulsive monodoses are suitable for children over 30 months of age and for adults.


  • • Prevention is better than cure. As soon as the school reports the presence of lice in the establishment, please use the repulsive lotion to avoid any contamination.
  • • Fasten the children’s hair.
  • • Regularly check your children’s head with some light.
  • • Avoid switching each other’s hats, scarves, combs, hair brushes or head phones, common networks of transmission.

If you cannot find this product in a drugstore or at your pharmacist’s place, ask him to order it giving him the following references :
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