repulsive lotion

imagesLotion répusive parasidose

What is the use of it ?

Presented in a 100ml bottle in the form of a spray (without propulsive gas), the PARASIDOSE repulsive lotion protects efficiently against head lice attacks.

How does it work ?

The PARASIDOSE repulsive lotion is composed of a repulsive active substance called the Repellent 3635® and is completed by a combination of essential oils. The reaction of the PARASIDOSE repulsive lotion is immediate and long. (Duration: 48 h)

When and how to use it ?

It is very easy to use. Uniformly spray on the hair and on the scalp without forgetting the neck and behind the ears which are the places the head lice like the most. During infection time, the operation should be repeated every 48 hours before school or after the shampoo. The PARASIDOSE repulsive lotion is not supposed to be rinsed.

For who ?

The PARASIDOSE repulsive lotion is suitable for children over 30 months of age and for adults.


  • • Prevention is better than cure. As soon as the school reports the presence of head lice in the establishment, please use the repulsive lotion to avoid any contamination.
  • • Fasten the children’s hair.
  • • Regularly check your children’s head with some light.
  • • Avoid switching each other’s hats, scarves, combs, hair brushes or head phones, common networks of transmission.

If you cannot find this product in a drugstore or at your pharmacist’s place, ask him to order it giving him the following references :
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