Hair conditioner

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What’s the use of it ?

The PARASIDOSE hair conditioner helps to remove the dead nits and makes it easier to comb the air.

How does it work ?

Enriched with silk derivatives, the PARASIDOSE hair conditioner helps to untangle, to hydrate, and to make your children’s hair stronger. Their little sweetie heads are back smelling of bubble-gum.

When and How to use it ?

The hair conditioner is supposed to be applied after the treatment, once the hair is rinsed and dripped. Let it on the hair for 3 to 4 and rinse it up. The hair is sweet and flexible again.

For Who ?

For everybody without any age restriction.


The PARASIDOSE hair conditioner is not a treatment product. To remove head lice and nits, use the PARASIDOSE treatment lotion.

If you cannot find this product in a drugstore or at your pharmacist’s place, ask him to order it giving him the following reference :
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