Expert's opinion


Can you explain to us how the Parasidose treatment lotion works ?

PARASIDOSE lotion works by suffocating the insect. It uses Coco Nucifera, an extremely fluid oil, which covers the insect and blocks its airways. At the same time, the carapace of the insect and the cement that sticks the nits to the hair soften and dissolve. The insect becomes more fragile and the carapace splits open. The nits come unstuck and are washed away.

Are there any contraindications ?

Since it does not contain any neurotoxic agents, there are no contraindications. The product can be used on the entire family, including children over 3 months of age, and pregnant and breast-feeding women. Unlike with other products, there are no allergic reactions.

What are the advantages of using a natural, mechanical-action formula ?

The advantage of using natural active ingredients with mechanical action is that only the insects to be destroyed are attacked, and not the person requiring treatment. The neurotoxic agents that have been used over the last 30 years are just as toxic for people as they are for insects. Using neurotoxic substances on insects will result in them developing resistance. Over the past 30 years, insects have evolved much more quickly than man, and have become resistant to everything that is available on the market. It is for this reason that it is better to use a substance with mechanical action to which insects cannot develop resistance.

Why are lotions considered to be more effective than shampoos ?

A lotion is more effective than a shampoo as it is applied directly to the hair and scalp and is less diluted by water. The active ingredients will therefore be more concentrated. We are not washing the hair but applying substances that are toxic for the insects.

Can you explain why some products don't work ?

Currently available products, such as Malathion, are neurotoxic insecticides. They act by destroying the insect's nervous system. Insects have evolved at an incredibly fast rate over the last 30 years. Which means that such molecules are no longer active against the nervous system. The insects are no longer sensitive to these molecules. On the other hand, man's sensitivity to the toxicity of these molecules has not changed.

Are some people more susceptible to lice than others ?

The attraction of lice for some people over others is a subject that has not yet been clearly elucidated. It would appear that certain factors such as pheromones and hair length affect the attraction of lice to one individual over another, but precisely which pheromones are involved has yet to be determined.

What advice would you give to a mother confronted with a louse problem ?

A mother confronted with a louse problem in their home should start by examining the entire family to determine the extent of the problem. All infested members should immediately be treated with an appropriate product. The bed linen, floors, and work surfaces should also be treated with an appropriate product. Read the product instructions carefully and above all use products that are active against both lice and nits.