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What the use of it ?

When someone of your family has caught head lice, it happens that the lice spread throughout the house in contact with the parasitized hair: couches, mattresses, sheets, soft toys… Therefore, the environment has to be treated so as to get rid of the lice and to avoid infecting any other person.
The PARASIDOSE environment kit is the perfect complement to treat the house and the potentially infected laundry. It is composed of a detergent and an environment spray. The environment spray is also available in 250 ml.

How does it work?

The PARASIDOSE environmental products are the only one to be composed of natural active ingredients in order to remove the head lice ant the nits from the infected laundry.

When and how to use them ?

The PARASIDOSE detergent, to treat the washable textiles :
The PARASIDOSE detergent is a complement to the detergent you usually use and starts operating at 86.00°F. Lice and nits are killed and removed from the laundry.

The PARASIDOSE environment spray, to treat the non-washable textiles :
The PARASIDOSE environment spray permits to remove the lice and the nits effectively from the non-washable textiles. Easy and quick, you only have to spray onto the infected areas and vacuum once it is dry. The PARASIDOSE environment spray also exists in 250 ml.

For who ?

For any textiles. It is also recommended to previously test the product onto a non-visible area.


  • • Treating the environment is a good habit. It permits to avoid the contamination throughout the family and the recontamination of the treated people. A louse can live 48h out of the scalp.
  • • Avoid lending hats, scarves, hair brushes, head phones… vectors of contamination.

If you cannot find this product in a drugstore or at your pharmacist’ place, ask him to order it giving him the following reference :
Environement kit : code ACL
Spray environement 250ml : code ACL