Alerting the school


How to warn the parents?

The first thing to do is to warn the parents. If a child has head-lice and you noticed it, warn the parents who will often show willing to overcome these little animals.

In case of head-lice infection, besides the Circular n°77-050 of February 7, 2007 concerning the fight against the pediculosis at school, school doctors are based on the advice given on June 27, 2003 by the French State Body that deals with Public Hygiene, relating to the behaviour one should have with someone affected by scalp pediculosis.

The few weapons the teaching profession, the doctors and nurses have to fight head-lice epidemics every year are some preventive posters that warn the parents about the head-lice invasion and give advices about how to treat the affected children.

In concrete terms, the school usually handles the problem itself, but once the situation gets worse or just as a preventive measure, it is possible to call in scholar health services to assure :

  • • Health education actions as a preventive measure, to children from first-year infants class to the fifth year of primary school, but also with the school staff in order to train them.
  • • Targeted actions, when it is necessary to individually deal with a child or his family.