Advices for your children


What to do in case of a head lice alert at school ?

Schools usually transmit a head lice alert to inform families. However, your children can catch lice in some other places: when doing sport, at the outdoor centre, at their friend’s places… so be careful, all year long.

Head lice are transmitted trough direct contact between two people. To avoid any contamination, it is recommended to fasten the hair and to avoid lending hair brushes, hats, scarves, head phones…

The head louse is a very good swimmer. To avoid any contamination, wear a bath hat at the swimming pool.

If your child does not have any head lice or nits yet

If your kid has not been infected, you have to take preventive measures. It is useless to treat with a treatment product a person who does not have any head lice. Some repulsive products have to be used so the lice do not infect your child’s head. You only have to spray a repulsive lotion on his/her head, like the PARASIDOSE repulsive lotion (spray and monodoses). Your kid will be protected for 48 hours. Repeat the operation to reactivate the repulsive effect.

If your child already has head lice and nits

Your child scratches himself; you examined his head and noticed some lice. You immediately have to use a treatment. Use a product that treats both lice and nits like the PARASIDOSE treatment lotion to make sure you get rid of all these little creatures. An effective product is supposed to act on both lice and nits.